In addition to composing, another one of Wayne's passions is recording and mixing other people's music. He says, "I find it so fulfilling to help capture an artist's musical vision and help them get it to a place where they feel confident to present it to the world. Whether it's albums or scores, music is meant to be shared and having recordings of your music is a great way to get it out to the masses". Below you will find some examples of various projects Wayne has been involved in either recording, mixing, mastering, or all three of those.



Alex Cook is a singer, songwriter, inspirational speaker and public artist from Boston. His music combines a raw indie folk aesthetic with rich vocal melodies and harmonies, all the while expressing a spiritual message of love, strength and beauty. Wayne has had the great privilege of working with Alex on his past 5 albums by recording, mixing and mastering them. Wayne also played some combination of guitars, bass, mandolin and piano on all of these albums. You can hear a few examples below from the various albums, and please click on any one of the album images to check out Alex's music page to hear more music and learn about the process that went into making each album.

When Jeff Tried to save the world

Wayne was Score Mixer on this indie dramedy, mixing and mastering the incredibly cool throwback synth pop score by Hannah Parrott. The movie stars Jon Heder, and is currently traveling film festivals nationwide and has been very well received.