Wolf Warrior 2 - Additional Music

Additional Music

The Demon Inside - Additional Music

Additional Music

Ninja Time Pirates - Composer


Wilderun "Sleep at the Edge of the Earth" - Orchestrations, Slide Guitar/Banjo

Orchestrations, Slide Guitar

Wilderun "Olden Tales and Deathly Trails" - Orchestrations, Lead Guitar

Orchestrations, Lead Guitar

Wolf Warrior 2 © 2017 Beijing DengFeng International Culture & Communication Co. Ltd. - Ninja Time Pirates © Happy Giant LLC.
More extensive demo reel is available upon request.



Music For "Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop"

All music done with Bleeding Fingers and is © Sony ATV and Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop. All rights reserved .

Alaskan Bush People (Discovery Channel) - Composer
Alaskan State Troopers (National Geographic) - Additional Music
American Grit (Fox) - Composer
Barbarians Rising (History Channel) - Composer
Big Beasts: Last Of The Giants (SkyTV) - Composer
Big Cats (BBC One) - Additional Music
Beyond The Tank (ABC) - Composer
Dope (Netflix) - Additional Music
Infested (Animal Planet) - Additional Music
Intervention (A&E) - Additional Music
Legends & Lies (Fox News) - Composer
Lucha Underground (El Rey Network) - Additional Music
Mountain Men (History Channel) - Composer
NASCAR: The Rise Of America Speed (CMT) - Additional Music
No Man's Land (History Channel) - Additional Music
On The Menu (TNT) - Additional Music
Origins: The Journey Of Humankind (National Geographic) - Composer
Planet Earth II (BBC One) - Technical Score Engineer
Planet Of The Apps (Apple Music) - Additional Music
Power And Ice (National Geographic) - Additional Music
Survivor (CBS) - Additional Music
The American West (AMC) - Composer
The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen (History Channel) - Composer
The Woodsmen (History Channel) - Additional Music
Underworld Inc. (National Geographic) - Additional Music