Wayne is a television, video game,  and film composer and also music producer and audio engineer born and raised in Southern California. His most recent work as a composer and guitar player was featured in the Grammy award winning score for the video game Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok. 

 Whether its writing orchestral music for the big screen or mixing a folk album, Wayne thrives on projects that are stylistically diverse, and where his role is to help an artist or director achieve and realize their creative vision. Blending his influences of hard hitting rock and metal, spirited bluegrass, and the nuance and breadth of the orchestra creates the cornerstone of Wayne's sound and musical aesthetic.

After seeing the Boston Pops on TV at age 6, Wayne knew music was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. The emotional connections, the epic and expansive sound of a full orchestra; all of it was so captivating and wondrous. He had to find a way to make music noises on his own, and so much to his grandmother's excitement, 6 year old Wayne asked her to teach him how to play the piano.  Already an avid film fanatic at a young age due to family movie nights, he always gravitated towards the scores and found great joy in figuring out movie themes on the piano. At age 10 he wrote his first piece of music, and although it was very short and simple, that feeling of fulfillment from creating original music fueled his desire to be a film composer. 

Growing up hearing his parent's classic rock and blues albums, it was inevitable that Wayne would discover the guitar. He started teaching himself to play in high school and very quickly latched onto the awesomeness of rock and progressive metal. There was an immediate connection to the power of those sounds and the almost symphonic-like song structure. But the obsession with noisemakers didn’t stop at the guitar however, and he wanted to play any instrument he could get his hands on. He is now a multi-instrumentalist that plays guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, banjo, hammered dulcimer, percussion, and synths. Driven by a continued curiosity and desire to hone his musical craft, Wayne shipped off to Boston to attend Berklee School of Music where he received a bachelor’s degree in film scoring in 2012. Alongside three very talented Berklee friends, Wayne became a founding member of the symphonic folk metal band Wilderun, playing guitar and also writing and arranging the orchestral backdrop.  The band’s 4 full length albums have enjoyed international success, and Wayne supported those albums on American and international tours.

Shortly after returning to California, Wayne worked as a staff composer at the illustrious Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, co-founded by Hans Zimmer and located on his renowned studio campus. During his five years there Wayne wrote hours of music for hit television shows such as Mountain Men (History), Alaskan Bush People (Discovery), Survivor (CBS), Beyond The Tank (ABC) Legends and Lies (FOX News), and American Grit (FOX) to name a few. Alongside a couple other composers at the company he also had the pleasure of scoring mini-series such as Big Cats (BBC), Barbarians Rising (History), Big Beasts: Last Of The Giants (SkyTV), and Origins: The Journey Of Humankind (NatGeo). In addition, Wayne was heavily involved in music editing and score preparation for lead composer Jacob Shea on the Emmy and BAFTA winning Planet Earth II (BBC). 

After moving on from Bleeding Fingers, Wayne recently had the great pleasure of composing additional music for the score of the Chinese action smash hit Wolf Warrior 2, which was one of the top 10 highest grossing films of 2017. He also mixed the score for the indie dramedy When Jeff Tried To Save The World which has been garnering acclaim on the film festival circuit.   

Wayne currently works out of his home studio in Southern California where he continues to compose for visual media and record/mix albums and scores. He just recently finished composing orchestra for Wilderun's 3rd album, and is now involved in recording, playing on and mixing the first full-length album from upcoming christian rock band Living Love. When not composing, Wayne is a wood-working hobbyist, and loves spending time with his wife Kaitlin and their two crazy dogs Gem and Odin.

Photo credit: Deana Fry